Analysis of anionic and cationic contaminations on the surface of circuit boards and circuit board assemblies



Ionic contaminations cause defects in insulating materials, as a result, performance and reliability of electrical products decrease.

ANAC can analyze ionic contaminations on a silicon wafer and glass substrate surface with high sensitivity by Extraction-column concentrated ion Chromatography.

Ions measurable

Anions: F-、Cl-、NO2-、NO3-、PO43-、SO42-、Organic Acids
Cations: NH4+、Amines(MMA、DMA、TMA)


Extraction by Hyperpure water ⇒ Extraction-column concentrated ion chromatography


A Silicon wafer (~12 inches diameter)

A Glass substrate(~ 50cm×75cm)

The Lower Limit of detection
(In the case that extraction fluid volume is 20mL)

※The limit of detection depends on the element, the matrix and the measurement conditions.

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