Composition Analysis of Adhesives
- Based on One Liquid Epoxy Resin -



A one liquid epoxy adhesive contains the main component epoxy resin, a curing agent, a cure accelerator, etc. in a mixed state. When it is heated, their respective functions will come into action, and curing reaction begins.
composition analysis of an existing product has the following advantages:

  • Reference information on the products developed on your own is obtained.
  • Results of such analysis will lead you to predict an occurrence of troubles.

We have actually a track record in performing an analysis of UV-curing type adhesives as well as thermosetting-type adhesives.

Flow of analysis

Example of analysis: Analysis of a curing agent and epoxy resin

Fig. 1 IR spectrum of curing agent and search results →Curing agent was identified to be dicyandiamide.

Fig. 2 FD/MS spectrum of epoxy resin →Epoxy resin was identified to be crezol novolac epoxy resin.

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