Analysis of Binder Resin of Lithium Ion Secondary Battery



The binder resin performs the function of bonding the active material and the current collector in the positive and negative elctrodes of the lithium ion secondary battery (LiB). Normally it is a mixture with carbon black, and it is difficult to identify its resin by infrared spectroscopy.

The binder resin that is used in the electrodes can be identified by conducting pyrolysis GC/MS analysis and analyzing the thermal decomposition product thus detected.
Also this can be applied to the analysis of additives, etc.

Example of analysis: Pyrolysis GC/MS analysis of the positive and negative electrodes of LiB

From the results of pyrolysis GC/MS analysis, the binder resin used in the electrodes of LiB was identified as follows:

  • Positive electrode: Polyvinylidene fluoride resin
  • Negative electrode: Styrene/butadiene copolymer resin

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