High performance liquid chromatography for chemical compounds which do not have ultraviolet-visible range absorptions.



Chemical compounds which do not have ultraviolet-visible range absorptions can be quantitatively analyzed by liquid chromatography with differential refractive index detector (RI) or evaporative light scattering detector (ELS).

Characteristics of RI and ELS

detector RI ELS
Compounds applicable all Non-volatile compound
Gradient*1 ×
Quantitatively *2
*1 Gradient:
A composition of a mobile phase is continuously varied.
This method has better separation than a fixed composition method.

*2 The range of quantitatively is narrow. A calibration curve is a double logarithmic chart.

Example: Quantitative analysis of starch in a starch polymer

Starch extracted from a starch polymer was analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography with RI.

  • A mount of starch in this sample was 5.2wt%.
  • When a peak level is very low or the gradient method is needed due to poor peak separation, Evaporative light scattering(ELS) detector is applied.

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