Absolute Quantitative Determination of Aldehyde in PET Resin



PET resin is as a material used for beverage bottles in large quantities. PET resin contains small amounts of aldehyde and formaldehyde. PET resin migrates into the contents of the bottles, sometimes causing odd taste and hygienic problems if the contents are high. Hence, it becomes important to accurately know the amount of the aldehyde contained in PET resin.

Flow of analysis

* Aldehyde is very subject to external environmental disturbances, and it has been difficult to determine a trace amount of the aldehyde in resin by use of the convention method. However, absolute determination can be carried out by extracting aldehyde deposits as dissolved matter and turning them into a derivative. (Our patent: JP 4056991)

Example of analysis

Liquid chromatography of aldehydes in PET resin

Results of determination of aldehydes
  Formadehyde Acetaldehyde
Pellet 0.1 0.7
Preform 0.9 8.8
Bottle 1.6 6.4

ppm (wt/wt)

Search Number 2013

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