Analysis of Outgas in Micro Space



In the information electronics field, the gases released from the surrounding materials cause a defect in a product in some cases. For this reason, there is much demand for an analysis of the composition of the organic gas that is released from the inside of resin containers such as FOUPs for the transport of wafers and microcontainers. Outgas analysis by the passive method is suited for this purpose.

Capturing method: Passive method (The capturing object is placed in an object of analysis and left to stand in a sealed condition for the gas to be captured.
Analytical equipment: Thermal desorption-GC/MS
Sensitivity: 0.1 ng (as converted into toluene)


  • It is possible to analyze the gas content that is released from a material having a micro space approx. 4mm in height.
  • There is no background peak that will become an obstacle.
  • A broad range of contents from low-boiling to high-boiling ones can be analyzed.

Example of analysis: Results of analysis of outgas released from the inside of a container and a blank

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