Looking at Phase Separation Structure of Polymer Alloy
- Nano IR -



The phase separation structure of polymer alloys of resin and rubber was analyzed by nano IR. From the structure image as standardized (imaged) with a particular wavelength taken as an index, the difference in the composition of resin, rubber, etc.
can be detected at a resolution of 100nm or so.


The use of nano IR makes it possible to detect a surface displacement caused by thermal expansion due to infrared absorption and to perform an composition analysis at a resolution of 100nm or so and determine the composition distribution.

Example of analysis: Composition image of PP/rubber alloy

The bright area observed in the composition image represents a resin area, and the dark area in the image represents a rubber area. The phase separation structure of the alloy can be evaluated by use of nano IR.


Since the nano IR method makes it possible to obtain information on both physical properties and mechanical strength, you can perform a comprehensive evaluation of information on physical properties and information on composition.

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