Composition Distribution Analysis of Olefin-based Elastomer
- High-temperature GPC-IR Analysis -



Olefin-based elastomer known as thermoplastic elastomer is used for a broad range of uses ranging from automotive materials and films to general goods because of its characteristics of resin modification properties (improvement of impact resistance and heat sealability) and flexibility. Since the performance of olefin-based elastomer depends on its composition (type, amount and distribution of the comonomer), it is important to analyze these factors.
We have made a composition information analysis of the comonomer by the molecular weight of olefin-based elastomer possible by connecting an IR detector to high-temperature GPC equipment (high-temperature GPC-IR system).

What can be made known

Example of analysis (ethylene/1-octene random copolymer)

Determined value of 1-octene content
13.5mol% (GPC-IR method)
13.1mol% (13C-NMR method: standard value)

  • 1-Octene content of elastomer is about equal to the standard value.
  • 1-Octene content by molecular weight is approximately constant, without depending on the molecular weight.

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