High Sensitive Analysis by NMR with a High Temperature CryoProbe



NMR is a powerful tool for characterization of organic compounds. CryoProbe , which has highly improved sensitivity and higher temperature range of measurement, has recently developed. This CryoProbe can detect and analyze a very small amount of a sample which can not be analyzed by a conventional NMR and can analyze polyolefin as well as normal organic compounds due to its higher measurement temperature (from 0℃ to 135 ℃)

Quantitative analysis of a very small amount of 1H on C-C double bond in Polyolefin

Very week signals of 1H can not be detected even if CryoProbe is applied due to strong signals,
because strong signals rule the dynamic range of NMR spectra.

  • By applying the combination of high temperature CryoProbe and presaturation pulse, 1H on C-C double bond can be quantitated at the level of 2 units/1,000,000 carbons in polyolefin.
  • By using various pulse techniques (e.g. presaturation), sensitivity of detection and quantitation can be dramatically improved.

<Quantitation Limit of C-C double bond Unit in Polyolefin>
◆Conventional Probe
45 Units/1,000,000 Carbons

◇CryoProbe + Presaturation
2 Units/1,000,000 Carbons

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