Higher Order Structure Analysis of Block Polymer
- Comparison between Phase Structure and Molecular Mobility by Pulse NMR -



The higher order structure of polymer has close correlation with its physical properties, and the condition (mobility) of the molecular chains varies according to the difference in phase-separation structure. Analysis using pulse NMR makes it possible to investigate the ratio of the components which are different in the molecular mobility and the mobility of the molecules.

Example of analysis: Polysty ene(PS)-b-Polyisoprene(PI) block copolymer

1. Sample and TEM image

Sample A: Synthesized material (untreated)
Sample B: Cast-processed material (phase separation processing)

TEM image (white part: PS domain; black part: PI domain)

2. Analysis by pulse NMR and analysis of molecular mobility

Pulse NMR analysis results (40℃)

3. Analysis results (phase separation structure and mobility of molecular chains)

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