Cross-Fractionation Chromatography (CFC) (2)
Determination of Two-dimensional Distribution of Olefin-based Polymers



The cross-fractionation chromatograph (CFC) is a device having the characteristics of both temperature rising elution fractionation device (TREF) and the size exclusion chromatograph (GPC). It is possible to separate the components of a polymer into the ones having different particle size through the GPC column after separating the components into the ones having a different crystallinity through the TREF column.

CFC is capable of determining the two-dimensional distribution of the crystallinity/molecular weight of olefin-based polymers.


Determination of 2-dimensional distribution of polyethylene of the wide-distribution type

Contour line image

It is possible to obtain detailed information on distribution that cannot be obtained by analysis with TREF alone or analysis with GPC alone.

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