Measurement of Absolute Molecular Weight by
Triple Detection Gel Permeation Chromatography (3D-GPC)



The molecular weight that can be determined by general gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is a converted molecular weight based on a standard sample. It does not take account of the difference in molecular species and the effects of branching. On the other hand, the GPC-LS method using a light scattering type particle detector (LS) makes it possible to evaluate absolute molecular weight, taking these effects into consideration.

3D-GPC equipment

The GPC column within the equipment kept at high temperature (140℃) separates the particles according to size, which are detected by three types of detector.

Main objects of measurement are olefin-based polymers.

Example of measurement of the molecular weight of high-density polyethylene

Results of measurement of various absolute average molecular weights
Mn Mw Mw/Mn
15,200 53,700 3.53

Mn: Number-average molecular weight
Mw: Weight-average molecular weight
Mw/Mn: Polydispersion

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