Determination of Changes in Crystallinity of Sample Occurring When
Stretched by the Use of Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction



The crystallinity and orientation of a sample of polymer such as polyolefin when stretched are evaluated by carrying out X-ray diffraction (XRD) while stretching and holding the sample.

Example of determination

Changes in the crystallinity and orientation of a PP-based rubber sheet that occur when it is stretched

Sample size: Width: 7mm or less
Length: 26mm or more
Thickness: 2mm or less
Stretching ratio: 1 times (0% deformation) – 6 times (500% deformation)
Stretching rate: 1~1000μm/sec

* Separate consultation to be held about sample
 processing, pretreatment and determination conditions.


  • Generally, as the stretching ratio increases, both orientation and crystallinity rise.
  • In the present determination, it is found that the rate of rise in orientation is somewhat high in the initial stage of stretching, while the degree of crystalliinity rises linearly.

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