Measurement of Microcrystal Size by
Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction/Reflection Method



The difference in the physical properties between polymer moldings is due to the difference in microcrystal size in some cases.
The graph on the right side shows a relationship between micro-crystal size of a polyolefin injection molding and tensile modulus/flexural modulus. It indicates that there is a correlation between microcrystal size and the modulus.
Microcrystal size can be measured by the wide angle X-ray diffraction/reflection method.

Analysis of microcrystal size

Microcrystal size Dhkl (size of a crystallite where the material is deemed to be a single crystal) is analyzed from the half value width β obtained by the reflection method by making use of Sherrer’s formula.

* Care to be taken in measurement
The measurement of microcrystal size is liable to be affected by the smoothness and orientation of samples, and it may sometimes happen that the difference among samples may not be shown accurately.
For those samples having no smooth surfaces and those samples having significantly different orientation, the measurement of the degree of crystallinity and the measurement of the degree of orientation are effective.

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