Determination of Degree of Orientation of Polymers by
WAXD (Wide Angle X-ray Dffraction) Analysis


Example of determination

If a polymer has fine crystals that are selectively oriented, it is found upon check of a WAXD image that the diffraction line is in the form of ark (a spot at the time of high intensity). If the circle integration of diffraction intensity is performed against a particular diffraction surface, on the results of the integration, the azimuth angles (β angles)/diffraction intensity distribution can be determined and expressed in a curve. This curve is called the azimuth angle distribution curve. The degree of orientation can be analyzed by relatively evaluating the intensity (sharpness) of the peak of this curve as a peak of the orientation.

Degree of orientation, F = (180-Wh)/180

Wh = Average of the half values of the peaks of the orientation
   (peak width at the height of the half of the peaks)

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