Let me know how to contact you when I want to requst ANAC to analyze my sample or product ?

Please fill "Inquiry Form" out in our website and send it to us. When we recive your inquiry form, we will contact you immediately by phone or e-mail.

Saturday, Sunday and National holidays:Our office is closed

How are you managing "Confidentiality" with me ?

All of information from you is handeld as "Confidential Infoprmation" with the gratest care. When you need "Secrecy Agreement" with us, ANAC always agrees to make "Secrecy Agreemet" with you.

How much is an analysis fee?

Fees always depend on your requets. We will propose the analysis design according to your detail information and the price estimation based on our design . When you have questions on our design and price estimation, please feel free to have discussions on those with us to result in the best proposal for you.

I don't know what kind of analysis for my sample or product I should ask you.

ANAC can propose the best analysis design for your sample or product based on the detailed information from you or through discussions with you.

How is the nessary amount of a sample for your analysis ?

It always depends on the kind of analysis. We will request you the sample amount according to the information from you.

How should I send my sample to you ?

Please mail your sample by DHL with your request form (DHL is the best recommendation). ANAC will inform you of an address, attention etc. in advance.

Can you return my sample to me when you finish analysis ?

The residual sample is always to be returned to you. However, it is possible for us to put your sample into the discard when you have already confirmed the safty property of your product.

How long do you need the time to finish analysis after you receive my sample ?

It always depend on the kind of analysis and the analysis design. However, when analysis is a standard one or standard design, ANAC can finish to analyze your sample in 2 weeks. When you are in your hurry to finsh your request, please inform us of it in advance so that ANAC can finish the analysis to meet your schedule. In this case, we may ask you additional charge.

How can I pay an analysis fee to you ?

From Overseas : The payment term is "Cash in Advance" and Currency is Japanese Yen.
From Japan : The payment term is the end of the next month to the month when you receive the result from us and Currency is Japanese Yen.

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