Message from the President

Mitsui Chemical Analysis & Consulting Service, Inc.("MCANAC") has been improving and accumulating top level analytical technologies, the knowledge about polymers and functional products through co-work with Mitsui Chemicals in new product developments, quality control, trouble shootings etc..
In 1999, MCANAC was established as the solution provider by spinning off from Mitsui Chemicals so that MCANAC can provide not only our parent company but also many customers with our services to support customer's new product developments, quality control and trouble shootings etc. and since then, our services have been contributing to customer's innovations to result in customer's satisfactions and our reliability.

MCANAC is committed to providing customers with the best solutions for customer's needs through our latest technologies and ideas in advance of the times in a car industry, an electronics industry, a chemical industry etc. in which industrial structures and customer's needs have been being sophisticated .

We are always trying to be the best solution provider for you and really expect you to utilize our services for solving your problems and issues in new product developments and other activities.

President of MCANAC Kunio Sannohe

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission is to provide the service of the high quality which customers request truly and contribute to the society widely through high analysis technique.

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