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Strength of Mitsui Chemical Analysis & Consulting Service, Inc.

MCANAC was established in 1999 by unifying organizations and functions which pertained to Analyses and Tests & Evaluations in Mitsui Chemicals and spinning off from Mitsui Chemicals. Since then, ANAC has been improving analytical and testing & evaluating technologies for especially polymers keeping the top level position in the business size and has been meeting customer's needs and getting customer's satisfactions through our services that based on our top level technologies, knowledge for polymers and know-how accumulated since 1999.

Corporate Philosophy

MCANAC is committed to being the best solution provider and partner for customers in customers' new product developments, quality control and trouble shootings etc. by providing high quality services to customers through innovative and creative analytical technologies and consultants.

Classification by Industry of Analysis, Industrial Product and Analytical Examples

Classification Products Main analytical Examples
Automobile Interior material, exterior material, electric equipment parts, fuel tank, tire and others ・Product life tests

・Basic property tests

・Trouble of the polymer product

・Structural analysis

・Higher order of structure

・Evaluation of electronics product

・Nano-size analysis of surface and interface

・Analysis of trace impurities in Si wafers

・Battery-related analysis
Battery Lithium battery, fuel cell, solar battery, next-generation battery and others
Electronic materials Semiconductor material, PC part, liquid crystal television, duplicator, printer, facsimile, digital camera, cell-phone and others
Films, molded articles Functional film, wrapping material, molded articles such as seat and package
Society infrastructure Electric wire, smart meter, gas pipe, water and hot-water supply pipe, building material, additive, soil ground improver and others
Daily necessities and miscellaneous goods Shoes, ball, racket, club, ink and others
Health care, foods and others Paper, diaper, fragrance, UV light inhibitor, fiber, wear, health foods, etc.

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