Introduction of New Analytical Instruments


MCANAC has started new service of TOF-SIMS.
TOF-SIMS can analyze Molecular Weight of ultra trace amount (ppm level) of chemicals on a top surface(1-2nm depth) of a product.
Our TOF-SIMS is equipped with the Ar Cluster Ion Gun so that Depth Direction Analysis and Anaerobic Analysis are possible. Analyses listed below are applicable.

  • Qualitative analysis of trace amount of organic materials on a surface of a metal and a semiconductor.
  • Qualitative analysis of stains on a surface of plating
  • Analysis of surface property defects of a film (e.g. degradation of water repellency, wettability and etc.)
  • Defect analysis of printing (including printing plate)
  • Analysis of adhesive failures and peelings of the adhesive (e.g. adhesive for MEA, touch panel, etc.)
  • Qualitative analysis of surface treatment agents.(e.g. a glass fiber surface)
  • Qualitative analysis of film composition and coat components. ( a multilayered film, a water-repellent film etc.)
  • Depth direction analysis of trace amount of components in an organic thin film and a multilayer polymer film. TOF-SIMS,GCIB
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Nano IR Ⅱ

The resolution of Nano IR Ⅱ which consists of IR and AFM is Nano scale.
Nano IR Ⅱcan obtain the information on heat properties, machine strength and surface roughness of a product as well as IR information on a product.

Making use of its 100nm special resolution, Nano IR Ⅱenables analyses listed below.

  • Qualitative analysis of a ultra micro foreign material.
  • Qualitative analysis of a super lamina
  • Visualization of Phase-separated structures of a polymer alloy.
  • Total analysis of a product combining the information on a chemical structure and on physical properties with the information from Nano IRⅡ.
  • Analysis of a product difficult to make a thin section(Nano IR Ⅰcan analyze only a thin section sample.)
    Examples: Layers of coatings on a metal surface, foreign materials on a metal.
  • Identification of a Nano-size Foreign Object-nano IR-
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  • Analysis of Composition of Thin Film Primer Layers (Lens Surface Coatings) - Nano IR Ⅱ -
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Cryo Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Cryo NMR)

MCANAC has installed 500MHz NMR with Cryo probe to measure a sample in higher temperature range.
The detection coil and the pre-amp in Cryo NMR are cooled at -250 ℃ and at -200℃ respectively to reduce the noise due to the heat. As a result, Cryo NMR can show 3-4 times higher sensitivity as a conventional NMR
And Cryo NMR with the Cryo probe for the higher temperature range can measure a sample in the wider temperature range like 0-135℃.

Analyses listed below are applicable.

  • Structure analysis of 10-100 μg amount of a sample
  • Analysis of the microstructure of polymers
  • Shorter measuring time
  • Analysis of the polyolefin difficult to be dissolved in a solvent.
  • The high sensitive analysis by Cryo NMR
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Cryo Ion Milling Instrument

MCANAC installed Cryo ion milling instrument which can prevent the heat damage to a sample while a sample is cutting.

Special sample treatments by Cryo Ion Milling Instrument listed below are applicable.

  • Organic compounds and a sample which has a low melting point can be cut without serious damages.
  • It is possible to cut a sample under the anaerobic condition.
  • It is possible to make a large cross section(φ1mm).
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery ; SEM observations of negative electrode materials without exposure to the air
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Energy Dispersion Type X-rays Analyzer for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDS)

MCANAC has installed SEM-EDS. Its detector has a wider angle lens for characteristic X-ray, then the detector can show higher sensitivity than conventional SEM.

Analyses listed below by SEM-EDS with the high sensitivity detector are applicable.

  • Analysis of light elements(C, O, N, F)
  • Analysis with higher spatial resolution (50nm or less)
  • Mapping of light elements(C, N, O, F) by SEM-EDS
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